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GeForce Now

GeForce Now
Developer Nvidia
Type Cloud-gaming subscription platform
Launch date October 1, 2015
Platform Nvidia Shield family of gaming devices

GeForce Now are multiple cloud-based game-streaming products offered by Nvidia.

GeForce Now - a subscription service launched on October 1, 2015. is available exclusively to owners of Nvidia’s Shield family of Android-based gaming devices, which includes the Shield Portable, Shield Tablet, and Shield Android TV. GeForce Now membership costs $7.99 per month, and the first three months are free. Members get access to a library of games that they can stream and play on an unlimited basis, similar to Netflix. Members may also purchase new game releases in the GeForce Now store, some of which include digital download codes to install a copy of the game on a local, Microsoft Windows-based PC.

GeForce Now for PC and Mac is a Rent-a-PC service that was announced on January 4, 2017 that will launch in Early Access in the US sometime in March 2017, with a full launch slated for spring of the same year. The service will be available in 2 options: A GTX 1060 PC or a GTX 1080 PC, and can be used on Windows or Mac. Anyone that signs up will get 4 hours on a 1080 PC or 8 hours on a 1060 PC for free, but payment is required after that. A 1080 PC will cost $25 for 10 hours of use while a 1060 PC will cost the same, but with 20 hours of use. Unlike the subscription service, there will be no included games, but customers can access their gaming libraries on platforms like Steam,, Origin, Uplay and GOG, as well as free to play games. Customers can also purchase games from stores for the platforms mentioned.

GeForce Now consists of a network of servers based in data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific that host and serve the GeForce Now game library to members in those regions. These servers are based on Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics processing units (GPUs), and proprietary software from Nvidia. GeForce Now can stream games at up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.

As of mid-2016, there are more than 80 games in the GeForce Now library, which includes mostly Membership titles (included with the monthly fee), and then a selection of Store titles (available for individual purchase). Some titles support local multiplayer, allowing for two to four players to play a game together, as well as support for multiple languages.



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