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Driven To Perform

Driven To Perform (DTP) is an auto show billed as Western Canada's largest and most established automotive lifestyles tour and originally featured mainly import tuner sport compact cars. The inaugural show was held in Vancouver, BC in 2002 as Import Showoff Canada, but has since changed its name and expanded to include other vehicle types and into the other large metropolitan cities in this region of Canada. Major sponsors include Toyo Tires, Future Shop, Mobil1, Honda, Mazda, Lordco and Visions Electronics.

This particular format of showcasing tuner vehicles originated in the Southern California area of the United States with the event called Import Showoff and was the first of its kind. As the Canadian counterpart, this series followed suit and were produced as Import Showoff Canada in 2002 and 2003 until sponsor Toyo Tires purchased the titling rights and renamed the shows to their current name in 2004. In fact, "Driven To Perform" ("au-delà de la performance" in French) is a trademarked advertising slogan used by Toyo Tires. The tour first expanded to include Calgary, Alberta in 2003, Edmonton in 2005, and then Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2008. Although traditionally associated with import tuner sport compact cars, the events now feature everything from street rods to supercars, DUB-style to racecars, and lowriders to classic cars.Streetbikes, RC cars and other specialty vehicles have also played a big part in the DTP shows since the beginning.

  • Additional dates and locations may be announced
  • Note: Not a complete list
  • Jeri Lee, Filipina/Mexican-American model, 2005
  • KT So, Chinese-American model, 2005-2006
  • Christine Mendoza, Filipina-American model, 2002, 2006
  • Stephanie Ly, Chinese-Canadian model, 2005-2006
  • Misa Campo, Filipina/Dutch-Canadian model, 2007-2008
  • Florence Hung, Chinese/French-Canadian model, 2003-2004
    • Note: Not a complete list
  • Note: Not a complete list


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