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Dokapon Ikari no Tekken

Dokapon ( Japan : ドカポン ) is an RPG board game which takes 3-4 players to play. Dokapon is a game that makes players go in the world of fantasy to possess the best treasure by beating the enemies and the other players in the game as well. Dokapon game production originates from Japan. Made for more than two players play well together. There are many version of Dokapon, Dokapon Ikari no Tekken is another versions of Dokapon for PlayStation.

Dokapon is a game that lead you to the world of fantasy. The king dared to ask 3-4 people (the players) to subdue the enemy. If you can defeat them you will get a treasure such as money, village, or anything. In the game, players are able to make turbulence between the players.

Dokapon game playing style will be like a board game, which need players to walk on the way in the table by throwing dice and follow the number. But in Dokapon, it use compass rotation and follow the shown numbers, and you go to the aisle following with the number appeared. You will find various events for each aisle. Follow by 1. Before start rotating the compass, players can use the item, device or magic. 2. Players rotate the compass, stop at any number and you must walk by that number. (You can’t move more or less) 3. When you reached to the point. Players are dealt with events that happen in the game. 4. Your turn ended, then wait for other players to complete the traveling until it’s your turn again.

In each round, players can use the items or facilities before walking such as temporary boost of magical or physical attack, defense etc. that can make enemy players to be damaged or malfunctioned. You can also have special abilities depending on your profession or characters that player have chosen. The skills or items can be used manually (active) or automatically (passive) as well.

The fight takes place on the player stop on the plain. (A tackle or find the special event) when there are no special events, the enemies will appear to fight. But if player stops on the other players. They have to fight together immediately. The battle in the game will follow from these steps.

Choose offense/defense Players must choose a card when the fight begins. A message in the card says that anyone would be attacker or defender. If the message is 先攻 (red). It's mean player is an attacker. On the other hand, it the message is 後攻 (blue). It's mean players will be a defender.

After that, you must choose your action skill to fight. Players have to guess. Opponents choose attacks or defenses. For the battle, both sides will have 4 commands following by the table below.

Players in the game Dokapon are considered a hero in the game. The player's ability is following by

Attacker Defender
Attack : use normal attacks. Prevent damage to the defender. Damage will be big or not based on the player's attack (AT) and weapon installed. If the defender choose defend the damage will be reduced. Defend : prevent the attack of the opponent. To minimize the received damage. The protection depends on the player’s defense (DF) and shield installed.
Magic attack : attack with magic. Magic attacks are based on magic attack installed. If you have not installed some magic, you are not available to attack with magic. Damage depends on the magic (MG) gauge of both parties. Whose magic is bigger would be much more damaging. It also has a magic that can make the defender gets various abnormal conditions. Spell protection: be protected by the magic. Once protected, will take effect immediately on the defensive. Spells protection is based on the installation. If you have not installed the Magic defense. It cannot be prevented. However, it also restore or some irregularity back to the attacker based on magic protection installed.
Super attack : attack on the heavily damaged. This attack will result in severe damage than normal attacks. This attack is similar to the normal attack but more harmful. But if the defender commands “counter” button. The total damage will be back at the attacker. Counter: counter the super attack from attacker. In case that an attacker uses the super attack. The defender will be able to return it with a deadly attack damage.
Special skill: use the talent skill to win. Talent is according to the character or profession with a unique ability to effect such as increase the power of attacking a rival to the abnormal condition or other characteristics that help you to win the fight. Give up: on their defense, obviously know to lose attacker absolutely. The command surrender is run away from their fight. But the player that gives up will have to give something to the winner.



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