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Church of the Holy Saviour (Alcamo)

Church of the Holy Saviour
Chiesa del Santissimo Salvatore (Alcamo).jpg
The façade
Basic information
Location Alcamo, province of Trapani, Italy
Affiliation Benedictine
Rite Catholic
Municipality Alcamo
Territory Alcamo
State Italy
Province Trapani
Region Sicily
Patron the Holy Saviour
Completed XIV century

The Church of the Holy Saviour (or Badia Grande) is a Catholic Church located in Alcamo, in the province of Trapani.

This Church, adjoining the nunnery of Badia Grande (today a grammar school) was already existing in 1300, it was rebuilt then in the middle of the 16th century and in the years 1690–97. Very interesting are the classical façade, with portals in the windows, and its square bell-tower, with four pointed archs.

The Church was closed for several years because of the damages suffered during the 1968 Belice earthquake. Until some years ago, every Wednesday evening they celebrated the Holy Mass in Latin, accompanied by the Gregorian chant and polyphonic ones of the del choir Jacopone da Todi. Inside the Church there are cultural activities connected with the sacred chants, the old one in particular, thanks to the same choir that uses this building on Sunday afternoon and on Wednesday evening.

The church has one nave with a barrel vault and five altars. Inside it there are beautiful works of great artistic value, among which ten stucco statues:

In 1982 the ovals of the Annunciation were stolen, together with the high reliefs of saint Michael the Archangel and with saint John Baptist, one of them was bought again at Sotheby's auction in 1994 for 25 millions of liras.

The marble tabernacle, in high relief and about four metres high, was made by Antonino Gagini and Baldassare Massa (1557–1558). The ciborium, among for kneeling angels, is surmounted by a Crucifix above the figures of saint John the Apostle, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Ghost as a dove and among four angels’ heads:[5] there are also the scene of the Flagellation and the figure of saint John Baptist with Jesus’baptism, saint Michael the Archangel while defeating Satan, the chasing away of the rebel angels into hell, and finally the coat of arms of Alcamo and of the abbess Margherita di Montesa.

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