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Church of Saints Paul and Bartholomew

Church of Saints Paul and Bartholomew
Chiesa dei Santi Paolo e Bartolomeo
Façade of Saints Paul and Bartholomew's Church
Saints Paul and Bartholomew's Church façade
Basic information
Location Alcamo, Trapani, Italy
Geographic coordinates 37°58′50″N 12°57′42″E / 37.9805°N 12.9616°E / 37.9805; 12.9616Coordinates: 37°58′50″N 12°57′42″E / 37.9805°N 12.9616°E / 37.9805; 12.9616
Territory Alcamo
State Italy
Province Trapani
Region Sicily
Architectural style Baroque

The Church of Saints Paul and Bartholomew is made in 17th century baroque style and located in Alcamo, in the province of Trapani, Sicily, southern Italy.

In 1533 Don Adamo Morfino, further to a vow promise, started the construction of a hospital for sick and incurable people with a contiguous chapel dedicated to Saint Paul in Conversion, which was then situated at the end of the present Corso VI Aprile (called "Corso Imperiale" at that time). This building, necessary because of the high number of inhabitants requiring medical treatment, wasn't entirely completed and was stopped in 1590 because there were no funds.

In obedience to the will of the bishop of Mazara of the time, since 1615 they began the construction of the Parish Church of "Saint Paul in Conversion" by enlarging the previous chapel of Saint Paul in Conversion. The same bishop got to build, simultaneously, the Church of the Holy Trinity which in 1639 was aggregated to the first one to remedy the lack of income.

In 1689 the Church was demolished and rebuilt thanks to the believers' offerings; its construction was completed in 1692. Afterwards, as there was money availability given by some believers (in particular the rich owner Mariano Balli), the Church was further enlarged (1702-1705), and they finished the dome.

Between 1775 and 1809 they completed the façade, built the Holy Sacrament's side chapel, the chapel of Madonna of Miracles (Alcamo's patron saint) and an anti-sacristy. During this period (in 1778 to be precise) a copper clock was also placed on the bell tower in the left side of the façade (looking from the outside), replaced in 1846 by a steel one and definitely removed in 1910 as it didn't work any longer. In 1916 the other clock of the bell towers on the façade was restored.

  • The Madonna of Honey's chapel (Madonna del Miele) and the Holy Sacrament's chapel in the transept;
  • The Madonna of Pompei's chapel and the Holy Sacrament's chapel next to the presbytery.


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