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Calazans is a surname of mythological origin.

Calazans, according to the myth, was a psychic from Mycenae. Apollo gave him the gift of prophecy.

Many young boys were baptized with Calazans as second name, mainly in the great capitals as Athens.

The Calazans surname was most common in Ancient Greece.

The surname Calazans became, and still is very common and popular in Brazil due to immigration of Greeks and Italians of Greek descent.

The surname is still seen in their country of origin, Greece, and in other European countries, but with less frequency.

  • Fernando Calazans (Rio de Janeiro, January 7, 1945), a Brazilian sports journalist and chronicler.
  • Alec Calazans (Athens, October 2, 1965) a Greek activist.
  • Phoebe Calazans (Kavala, February 13, 1990) a Greek musician.
  • Alessandro Alves Calazans (Curitiba, November 6, 1972) a Brazilian politician.
  • Titus Calazans (Athens, June 15, 1981) a Greek model.
  • Terezinha João Calazans, better known as Teca Calazans (Vitória, Espírito Santo, October 20, 1940), a Brazilian singer and songwriter.
  • Calazans (Florianópolis, April 6, 1981) a Brazilian plastic Artist, best known for his urban interventions termed as urban art or street art in the world.


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