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Art media

An art medium (or artistic media), is a material form used by an artist, composer or designer to create a work of art. Art mediums which are predominantly used are in the study and professional fields of design, publishing and the entertainment industry.

The topics below describe the relation of design with techniques that are used with materials.

In the art and science of architecture, the design and construction of buildings and interiors, infrastructure and other physical structures are created. It can involve multiple disciplines of brickwork, carpentry, engineering, stonemasonry and many other skills.

The art of carpentry and woodworking is practiced by a skilled and proficient craftsperson or joiner, who designs and builds buildings, furniture and other objects.

A ceramic material is worked by hand and with tools that might be colored or glazed, then fired in a kiln and hardened by heat, to make earthenware, stoneware, sculpture and mosaic art.



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