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Southern part of Amfissa.
Southern part of Amfissa.
Amfissa is located in Greece
Coordinates: 38°32′N 22°22′E / 38.533°N 22.367°E / 38.533; 22.367Coordinates: 38°32′N 22°22′E / 38.533°N 22.367°E / 38.533; 22.367
Country Greece
Administrative region Central Greece
Regional unit Phocis
Municipality Delphi
 • Municipal unit 315.174 km2 (121.689 sq mi)
Lowest elevation 180 m (590 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Municipal unit 8,370
 • Municipal unit density 27/km2 (69/sq mi)
 • Population 6,919 (2011)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code 331 00
Area code(s) 22650
Vehicle registration AM

Amfissa (Greek: Άμφισσα [ˈamfisa], also mentioned in classical sources as Amphissa) is a town in Phocis, Greece, part of the municipality of Delphi, of which it is the seat and a municipal unit. The municipal unit has an area of 315.174 km2. It lies on the northern edge of the olive forest of the Crissaean plain, between two mountains, Giona to the west and Parnassus to the east, 200 km (120 mi) northwest of Athens and 20 km (12 mi) of Delphi, as well as 85 km (53 mi) northeast of Naupactus and 72 km (45 mi) south of Lamia.

Amfissa dates back to antiquity, with its history spanning around 3,000 years, and has been traditionally the largest and capital city of Phocis. It was the most important city of the ancient Greek tribe of the Ozolian Locrians and one of the most powerful cities in Central Greece. In the Middle Ages, Amfissa came to be known as Salona, it declined after several foreign conquests and destructions, but emerged as an important city in the region and played a major role during the Greek War of Independence.

It is believed that the name Άμφισσα (Amfissa) derives from the ancient Greek verb αμφιέννυμι (amfiennymi), meaning 'surround', since the city is surrounded by mountains Giona and Parnassus. According to the Greek mythology, Amfissa, the daughter of Macar, son of Aeolus, and mistress of the god Apollo, gave her name to the city.

Year City population Municipality population
1981 7,156 -
1991 7,189 9,469
2001 6,946 9,248

  • Petros Kalonaros, History of Amfissa, 1997


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