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As part of our on-going Initial Launch Promotions, here at piglix.com we are holding a free prize giveaway of $2,000 worth of exciting construction toys - just in time for Christmas!.

The very easy competition is open now and free to enter (except where prohibited).

The judges will decide who the ten winners are on November 15th 2018 and the prizes will be shipped directly to the winners by December 1st, well in time for Christmas.

These 'brand new' Meccano Erector sets contain over 470 parts and a battery powered 3V electric motor, with which you can build a working Ferris Wheel, or one of 22 other models.

This set sells on Amazon for up to $199 (plus shipping) and we are giving away ten (10) of them with a total value of over $2,000.00.

All you have to do to win is to register as a piglix user, create a minimum of 20 piglix (what you are reading right now is a piglix - it's just information organized as a list) with at least 11 piglets each (list items), and the judges will decide who the lucky winners are based on the quality of the submissions.

The name and city of residence of each winner will be published on piglix.com and all decisions made by the judges are final.

For further details on the (free) entry requirements, read the piglets below. All entries must comply with these requirements or they will be disqualified from winning one of the ten valuable prizes.

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There is no cost to enter but each entrant must meet the following requirements:-

  1. Create twenty (20) separate piglix.
  2. Each of the twenty piglix must have at least eleven (11) piglets, but no more than twenty-five (25) piglets.
  3. Each piglix (which includes its piglets) must accumulate a total of at least 500 'votes'. You can not place likes against your own submissions, nor can any user like the same piglix/piglet more than once. If you need more likes then it's okay to get your friends and family to 'vote' for you.
  4. So that the judges can find your entry, you must start your piglix Description with the words: NOVEMBER 2018 MECCANO COMPETITION ...exactly as shown.
Competition entry requirements policy
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Entries can be made from September 16. 2018 to November 30, 2018 (inclusive). After November 30, 2018 the judges will carefully examine all submissions and will determine the ten most deserving winners. The judges decisions are final in all matters relating to the competition.

Winners will be notified and asked to confirm shipping address so that prizes can be shipped as soon as possible.

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Only residents of the 48 contiguous United States are allowed to enter. This is due to shipping and import/export taxes and tariffs and other challenges relating to delivery of the prizes outside the U.S.A. mainland area. Each lucky winner will be contacted privately in order to obtain their shipping address for delivery of the prize.

Only persons aged 18 and above are permitted to take part. It is a condition of the competition that your Date of Birth and Location of Residence are correctly stated with your piglix.com registration details. None of your information is visible to any other user.

Only one entry per individual. Making more than one entry by creating multiple user accounts is not allowed.

Prizes are as described and can not be exchanged for cash.

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Any entrant who is determined to have 'cheated' or in any way 'gamed the system' will be disqualified. This includes the following:-

  1. Any attempt to negate the efforts of other contestants.
  2. Having any other person create piglets for you piglet. All piglets must bear the same User-ID as the creator of the original related piglix.

Social Distancing Order In Force!

Don't forget! that your welfare and that of all your friends and colleagues here is of primary concern and a distance of six feet (1.8m) minimum is required at all times.