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Wikipedia:Conflict of interest

Editors with a COI, including paid editors, are expected to disclose it whenever they seek to influence an affected article's content. Anyone editing for pay must disclose who is paying them, who the client is, and any other relevant affiliation; this is a requirement of the . In addition, COI editors are generally advised not to edit affected articles directly, and to propose changes on talk pages instead.

If you have a conflict of interest:

Requested edits are subject to the same standards as any other, and editors may decline to act on them. To find an article's talk page, click the "talk" button at the top of the article. See WP:TEAHOUSE if you have questions about these things.

Note that someone else may add this for you. You can also make a statement in the edit summary of any COI contribution. If you want to note the COI on your user page, you can use the {{}} template:

Edit your user page and type {{UserboxCOI|1=}}, then click "save".

If you propose significant or potentially controversial changes to an affected article, you can use the {{}} template. Place this at the bottom of the talk page and state your suggestion beneath it (be sure to sign it with four tildes, ~~~~). If the proposal is verifiable and appropriate, it will usually be accepted. If it is declined, the editor declining the request will usually add an explanation below your entry.

For a COI editor's declaration, see .
For a paid editor's declaration, see .

The employer is whoever is paying you to be involved in the article (such as a PR company). The client is on whose behalf the payment is made (usually the subject of the article). If the employer and client are the same entity—if Acme Corporation is paying you to write about Acme Corporation—the client parameter may be left empty. See {{}} for more information. Note that other editors may add this template for you.

You are expected to maintain a clearly visible list on your user page of your paid contributions. If you propose changes to an affected article, you can use the {{}} template. Post it on the talk page and make your suggestion underneath it. Paid editors must respect the volunteer nature of the project and keep discussions concise; see WP:PAYTALK.

"P has a conflict of interest if, and only if, (1) P is in a relationship with another requiring P to exercise judgment in the other's behalf, and (2) P has a (special) interest tending to interfere with the proper exercise of judgment in that relationship."


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