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In this page link- , there seems to be gibberish information that seems to be poorly sourced, update: I removed the poorly sourced information.— Preceding unsigned comment added by PattyDay ( • ) — Preceding unsigned comment added by PattyDay ( • ) 01:00, April 3, 2017 (UTC)

Jesse Taylor (edit |  | history | protect | delete |  | watch |  | views)

The first entry on this page refers to Season 25 of The Ultimate Fighter and lists the two fighters who will fight in the finale of the show. Season 25 doesn't premiere until April 19, 2017, so the information listed on Taylor's page is either inaccurate or is revealing the results of a season that has not aired yet.

link to site — Preceding unsigned comment added by () 16:10, April 10, 2017‎

Odette Annable (edit |  | history | protect | delete |  | watch |  | views)


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