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The DO School

The DO School is an international educational platform offering various educational and executive programs that focus on entrepreneurial, intrapreneurial, and innovation skills to both young entrepreneurs and established organizations.

A central tenet in all programs is the outcome-focused DO School Method, whose four phases endow learners with the resources to conceive, test, refine, and implement idea. By combining a hands-on approach with blended-learning sessions, the institution aims to promote social impact and good business. The organization’s own DO Lab is dedicated to designing new and experimental educational formats to run at the DO School or as part of their clients’ training programs.

As of 2016, the institution operates in four different continents with premises in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany as well as New York City, United States.

The DO School offers different training programs for emerging social entrepreneurs as well as established organizations. The programs vary in length, focus and target group.

The DO School’s Entrepreneurship for Good Program empowers social entrepreneurs to launch their own social ventures. Students (known as Fellows in the context of the Entrepreneurship for Good Program) spend 10 weeks on a DO School campus completing a Challenge set by an organization while working through a curriculum built around the DO School Method for creating and implementing innovation. Previous challengers have included, among others, Messe Berlin and H&M Germany. Challenges focus on areas central to good business and innovation, e.g. sustainability, professional development or bottom billion business. By the end of the 10-week period, the Fellows present a solution to the given Challenge that should be ready to implement. In addition, they should have refined their venture idea and business plan. In the following 10 months of the program, Fellows work on setting up their social enterprises in their home countries, with guidance and support from the DO School team. The school currently accepts up to 80 students per year over four different programs.

The Innovation Program is a three-week, on-campus program which invites aspiring social entrepreneurs to work on an innovation Challenge set by an organization. Using the DO School Method, Challenge participants co-create a concrete, hands-on solution, with or without involvement from the organizations’ employees. Unlike the Entrepreneurship for Good Program, this compact Challenge format does not involve a venture component during which participants work on launching their own start-up.

The DO Camp is an intensive 5-day workshop during which participants learn to use the DO School Method to take them from ideation to implementation. As of 2016, DO Camps have been announced for New York City, Phnom Penh and Singapore



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