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Secret Garden (outdoor nursery)

Coordinates: 56°19′16″N 3°07′30″W / 56.321°N 3.125°W / 56.321; -3.125

The Secret Garden is an outdoor nursery school in Letham, Fife, Scotland, for children aged 3–5 years. It is a forest kindergarten in which children walk to a woodland every day, in almost any weather. They use the natural resources they find there rather than modern toys (although with some additional equipment) to learn according to the government educational framework under the heading "Nature as Teacher".

The Secret Garden was started in 2008 by Cathy Bache, a drama and primary teacher and parent of three. Before opening this, she provided childcare to a smaller number of children, and developed her ideas during this time.

Forest kindergartens were started in the 1950s and became popular in Germany in the 1990s.

Cathy Bache writes of being a drama teacher, "I believe that this formative training in developing, intuiting and supporting the child’s mind to open in a creative and expressive way to the full realms of the imagination has led me to where I am now: in the woods with pre-school children, supporting the creation of their own magic. We have no toys, limited practical resources of useful tools but plenty of space and opportunity to go where the imagination may take us.

"Within the woodland there is space and freedom, a wildness and variety of landscapes to explore and play, offering the children: mystery, magic and adventure, places to hide in, dens to create, physical and dexterous skills to develop. It is recognised that the senses of a child are stimulated within the natural environment; their desire to look, listen, touch, taste and smell heightened, leading them to develop curiosity, discovery, a graceful learning of what is happening for the individual, the group, the woodland and its inhabitants.

The Secret Garden is funded by government grants and private donors, but does not operate for profit. Children are entitled to use government funding credits in the nursery, and parents can supplement this with tax free childcare vouchers or ordinary payments.



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