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Pure Drivel

Pure Drivel
Author Steve Martin
Country United States
Language English
Genre Short Stories
Publisher Hyperion
Publication date
September 16, 1998
Media type Print (hardback & paperback)
Pages 112 pp
OCLC 39339256
814/.54 21
LC Class PS3563.A7293 P87 1998
Preceded by Picasso at the Lapin Agile (1996)
Followed by Shopgirl (2000)

Pure Drivel is a collection of stories by Steve Martin, published in 1998, many of which first appeared in The New Yorker.

Stories Original Publication Publication Date
"A Public Apology" The New Yorker November 17, 1997
"Writing Is Easy!" The New Yorker June 24, 1996
"Yes, In My Own Backyard" The New Yorker April 22, 1996
"Changes in the Memory After Fifty" The New Yorker January 19, 1998
"Mars Probe Finds Kitten" The New York Times July 10, 1997
"Dear Amanda" The New Yorker February 16, 1998
"Times Roman Font Announces Shortage of Periods" The New Yorker June 9, 1997
"Schrödinger's Cat"
"Taping My Friends" The New Yorker February 23, 1998
"The Nature of Matter and Its Antecedents" The New York Times March 2, 1997
"The Sledgehammer: How It Works" The New Yorker July 27, 1998
"The Paparazzi of Plato" The New Yorker September 22, 1997
"Side Effects" The New Yorker April 13, 1998
"Artist Lost to Zoloft"
"How I Joined Mensa" The New Yorker July 21, 1997
"Michael Jackson's Old Face"
"In Search of the Wily Filipino" The New Yorker July 6, 1998
"Bad Dog"
"Hissy Fit"
"Drivel" The New Yorker December 22, 1997
"I Love Loosely"
"Lolita At Fifty"
"The Hundred Greatest Books That I've Read" The New Yorker
"The Y3K Bug" The New Yorker
"A Word from the Words"



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