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National Center on Education and the Economy

The National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) is a not-for-profit, policy analysis and development organization based in Washington, DC. It was formed by its current president, Marc Tucker, with the stated mission: “To analyze the implications of changes in the international economy for American education, formulate an agenda for American education based on that analysis and seek wherever possible to accomplish that agenda through policy change and development of the resources educators would need to carry it out.” [1]

In 1989, NCEE created the National Alliance for Restructuring Education (NARE), which was aimed at promoting student performance in large urban districts and progressive states through standards-based education reform. That same year, NCEE created the bi-partisan Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce and a year later the organization produced the report America’s Choice: high skills or low wages! [2]

In 1992 NCEE, in conjunction with 23 states and 6 cities, created the New Standards Project. The goal of New Standards was to develop standards for the core subjects in the curriculum and applied learning standards coupled with new assessment instruments designed to measure those standards using new, complex performance tasks that more closely resemble real world problems, thereby providing a rich context in which students could demonstrate their knowledge and skills [3].

Six years later, in 1998 NCEE created the America’s Choice School Design Program based on the work of NARE and New Standards.[2] The program provides research-based school instructional intervention solutions and programs for states, districts, and schools. In 2010, Pearson acquired America’s Choice from NCEE, with the vision of bringing the America’s Choice model to a worldwide market [4].



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