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Type of site
Internet games
Available in English
Founded 2001
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom
Key people Richard Pendry: Co-founder
Alick Stott: Co-founder
Launched 2001
Current status Active

Mousebreaker is a UK based casual games website founded in 2001 by Richard Pendry and Alick Stott. One of the earliest browser game portals, the site earned a reputation in terms of publishing sports and, in particular, football games. In 2008 the website was purchased by UK publisher IPC Media for a rumoured seven figure sum. Today the site is amongst the biggest UK flash games website, with over 4,500,000 unique users per month.

Pendry and Stott first worked together on flash games as a hobby in 2000. Their first projects were a simple penalty shoot out game, and a pool game that would be the basis of the Blast Billiards franchise. Upon licensing copies of both games, the pair realised the potential of their hobby, but it wasn’t until 2003 that was popular enough to be the only source of income for them and they began to work on the website full-time.

In June 2008, Mousebreaker was purchased by Time Warner owned IPC Media for a rumoured seven figure sum. The move saw Mousebreaker become part of IPC’s Ignite division, aimed predominantly at the 18-24 male demographic, and home to publications such as Nuts, Loaded and NME.

Mousebreaker is best known for its sports and topical games, with titles such as Aporkalypse Now, Spank the Banker, Fat Cat Cashback and 'Bad Adebayor', getting attention from mainstream news outlets. Their sports section remains their most popular area however, and the site’s sheer number of football games has ensured the two are widely associated.

Mousebreaker’s own list of requirements for third party flash developers states that their games are based on the ‘easy to play, difficult to master’ model, with short load-speeds and “a cheeky sense of humour” also required.

Many of Mousebreaker’s early popular titles gained enough of a following to earn their own websites. Blast Billiards, Flash Cricket and Camper Strike all proved popular enough to get a unique domain, with Play A Pal and Play For Your Club also registered by Mousebreaker for use with their popular football volleys games.



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