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List of works on Waldorf education

This is a list of works on Waldorf education by authors other than Rudolf Steiner. See also this List of Rudolf Steiner's works on education.

Works on Waldorf education include:

  • Aeppli, W., The Developing Child: Sense and nonsense in education, Anthroposophic Press, 2001, ISBN
  • Armon, J. (1997). "The Waldorf Curriculum as a Framework for Moral Education: One dimension of a fourfold system", Annual Meeting of American Educational Research Association (AERA), Chicago.
  • Astley, K., and Jackson, P. (2000). "Doubts on Spirituality: Interpreting Waldorf ritual" in International Journal of Children's Spirituality, 5(2), 221-227.
  • Bärtges, Carol Ann, and Lyons, Nick, Educating as an Art: Essays on Waldorf education, Rudolf Steiner School, New York, NY, 2003, ISBN
  • Benians, John, Insights into child development: A study in child development based on the work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Mercury Press, 1990, ISBN
  • Blunt, Richard, Waldorf Education. Theory and Practice: A background to the educational thought of Rudolf Steiner, Novalis Press, Cape Town, 1995, ISBN
  • Clouder, Christopher, and Rawson, Martyn, Waldorf Education, Floris Books, 2003, ISBN
  • Coulter, D.J. (Summer 1991). "Montessori and Steiner: A Pattern of Reverse Symmetries". Holistic Education Review. 4(2), 30-32.
  • Cox, M.V., and Rolands, A. (2000). "The Effect of Three Different Educational Approaches on Children’s Drawing Ability: Steiner, Montessori and Traditional". British Journal of Educational Psychology, 70, 485-503.
  • Cusick, Lois, Waldorf Parenting Handbook: Useful information on child development & education from anthroposophical sources, St. George Publications, 1984, ISBN
  • Easton F. (Spring 1997). "Educating the Whole Child, 'Head, Heart, and Hands': Learning from the Waldorf Experience". Theory into Practice, 36(2), 87-94.
  • Edmonds, Francis, and Barton, Matthew, An Introduction to Steiner Education: the Waldorf school, Sophia Books, 2004, ISBN
  • Edwards, Carolyn Pope (2002). "Three Approaches from Europe: Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia", Early Childhood Research & Practice, 4(1). Link
  • Fenner, Pamela J., and Rivers, Karen L., Waldorf Education: A Family Guide, Michaelmas Press, 1995, ISBN
  • Gardner, John F., Education in Search of the Spirit: Essays on American Education, Anthroposophic Press, 1996, ISBN
  • Gilbert, Harlan, At the Source: the Incarnation of the Child and the Development of a Modern Pedagogy, Association of Waldorf Schools of North America, Fair Oaks, 2005.
  • Ginsburg I.H. (Winter 1982). "Jean Piaget and Rudolf Steiner: Stages of Child Development and Implications for Pedagogy". Teachers College Record, 84(2), 327-37.
  • Gloeckler, Michaela, A Healing Education, Rudolf Steiner College Press, Fair Oaks, 1989, ISBN
  • Hansmann, Otto, Pro und contra Waldorfpädagogik. Akademische Pädagogik in der Auseinandersetzung mit der Rudolf-Steiner-Pädagogik (For and Against Waldorf Education. Academic Education compared with Rudolf Steiner Education), Königshausen & Neumann, Würzburg, 1987, ISBN
  • Harwood, A.C., The Recovery of Man in Childhood: A study of the educational work of Rudolf Steiner, Myrin Institute, 2001, ISBN
  • Harwood, A.C., The Way of A Child, Sophia Books, 1997, ISBN
  • Koepke, Hermann, Encountering the Self: Transformation & destiny in the ninth year, Anthroposophic Press, Hudson, NY, 1989, ISBN
  • Masters, Brien, Adventures in Steiner Education: An introduction to the Waldorf approach, Sophia Books, 2005, ISBN
  • McDermott, R. (1992). "Waldorf Education in America: A promise and its problems", Re-vision, 15(2), 84-86.
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  • Nicholson, D.W. (2000). "Layers of Experience: forms of representation in a Waldorf school classroom", Journal of Curriculum Studies, 32(4), 575-587.
  • Nobel, Agnes, Educating through Art: The Steiner School Approach, Floris Books, 1996, ISBN
  • Oberman, I. (1997). "The mystery of Waldorf: A turn-of-the- century German experiment on today’s American soil". Annual Meeting of the American Education Research Association (AERA), Chicago, 1997.
  • Oberman, I. (1999). Fidelity and flexibility in Waldorf education, 1919-1998, Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation, Stanford University.
  • Ogletree, E.J. (1996). The Comparative Status of the Creative Thinking Ability of Waldorf Education Students: A Survey. Link
  • Ogletree, E.J. (1997). Waldorf Education: Theory of Child Development and Teaching Methods. Link
  • Ogletree, E.J. (1998). International Survey of the Status of Waldorf Schools. Link
  • Okumoto, Yoko (1999). An alternative possibility of identity development: A discussion of Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf Education, Master of Arts Thesis, McGill University (Canada).
  • Petrash, Jack (2002). Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the inside out, Gryphon House, 2002, ISBN
  • Querido, René, Creativity in Education: The Waldorf approach, Hs Dakin Company, 1987, ISBN
  • Querido, René, The Esoteric Background of Waldorf Education, Rudolf Steiner College Press, 1995, ISBN
  • Ruenzel, David (2001). "The spirit of Waldorf education" in Education Week, 20(41), 38-45.
  • Spock, Marjorie, Teaching as a Lively Art, Anthroposophic Press, 1985, ISBN
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  • Weary, B.F. (2000). Perceptions of looping addressing the academic and social needs of children: Waldorf education and public schools, Doctor of Education Dissertation, Temple University.
  • Wilkinson, R. (1996). The Spiritual Basis of Steiner Education, Sophia Books, London, 1996, ISBN


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