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List of cities in Switzerland

These are lists of towns (and cities) in Switzerland. Until 2014 municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants were considered to be towns (German: Stadt/Städte, French: ville(s), Italian: città). Since 2014, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO) uses a new algorithm (called German: Statistische Städte 2012, or French: Villes statistiques 2012) to define whether a municipality can be called a town or not; it newly also depends on its character. Currently, FSO considers 162 municipalities as towns (German: Statistische Städte 2012, French: Villes statistiques 2012) in Switzerland. Further, some municipalities, which would fulfill such a definition, nevertheless prefer to understand themselves still as a village, or consequently refer to themselves just as municipalities (German: Gemeinde, French: commune, Italian: commune).

See Municipalities of Switzerland for a table of the largest and smallest.

Largest towns in Switzerland:

This is an alphabetical list of towns, which follows FSO's definition (German: Statistische Städte 2012, French: Villes statistiques 2012), and places with historic town rights (h) and/or market towns (m).



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