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Democratic Alliance (South Africa)

Democratic Alliance
Leader Mmusi Maimane
Chairperson Athol Trollip
Deputy Chairperson Ivan Meyer
Refiloe Nt'sekhe
Desiree van der Walt
Founded June 24, 2000; 16 years ago (2000-06-24)
Preceded by Democratic Party
Student wing Democratic Alliance Students Organisation
Youth wing Democratic Alliance Youth
Women's wing Democratic Alliance Women's Network
Overseas Supporters Network Democratic Alliance Abroad
Ideology Liberalism (South Africa)
Political position Centre
International affiliation Liberal International
Continental affiliation Africa Liberal Network
Colours      Blue
Slogan "One Nation. One Future."
National Assembly
89 / 400
20 / 90
Pan African Parliament
1 / 5
SADC Parliamentary Forum
1 / 6

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is a South African political party and the official opposition to the governing African National Congress (ANC). The present leader is Mmusi Maimane, who succeeded former Mayor of Cape Town and Premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille on 10 May 2015. The party is broadly centrist, though it has been attributed both centre-left and centre-right policies. It is a member of the Liberal International and the Africa Liberal Network. The DA traces its roots to the founding of the anti-apartheid Progressive Party in 1959, with many mergers and name changes between that time and the present. The party adopted its current name on 24 June 2000. Most recently, it has integrated the smaller Independent Democrats and the tiny South African Democratic Convention.

The DA has been governing the Western Cape, one of South Africa's nine provinces, since the 2009 general election, having won a bigger majority at the most recent election in 2014. It is the only party to have increased its share of the vote in every national election held since 1994, winning 22.23% of the vote in the most recent parliamentary election. The party "draws support from all main population groups in South Africa."

In the municipal elections of 2016, the DA made significant gains in some of the country's most important metropolitan areas. As of August 2016, the DA governs Johannesburg (South Africa's largest city), Tshwane (including Pretoria, the administrative capital), Cape Town (South Africa's second-largest city and legislative capital), Nelson Mandela Bay and various other municipalities.



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