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Saladin Paracelsus de Lambertine Evagne von Smith
Button-Bright when first encountered by Dorothy, the Shaggy Man, and Toto
First appearance The Road to Oz (1909)
Created by L. Frank Baum
Nickname(s) Button-Bright
Species human
Gender male
Occupation Explorer
Title Adviser to Princess Ozma of Oz

Button-Bright is a character in the Oz books by L. Frank Baum. He first appears in the 1909 book The Road to Oz.

When Button-Bright first appears in the series in the pages of The Road to Oz, he is a very small boy, possibly only about four years old. He answers most questions with "Don't know." His nickname comes from how his parents think he is "bright as a button". Button-Bright met Dorothy Gale, Shaggy Man, and Polychrome on their journey. His head was temporarily changed into a fox's head by King Dox of Foxville. Upon the group arriving in the Land of Oz, Billina and Tik-Tok took the group to the Truth Ponds so that Button-Bright can regain his head. Afterwards, Button-Bright attended Princess Ozma's birthday party. After one conversation, the Scarecrow hypothesizes that the button they had in mind might have been covered with dull cloth. Following the birthday party, Button-Bright went home in a bubble with Santa Claus.

Baum brought the character of Button-Bright back in his 1912 novel Sky Island, where he encounters Trot and Cap'n Bill for the first time. The boy has become older and more verbal, and greatly attached to his family's Magic Umbrella. He also reveals that he is from Philadelphia, and his real name (or as much as he can remember) is Saladin Paracelsus de Lambertine Evagne von Smith.

In The Scarecrow of Oz (1915), Button-Bright becomes the first American boy on record to emigrate to Oz. He is reunited with Trot and Cap'n Bill en route; and the three of them travel to Oz together.

Thereafter he participates in two Oz adventures, The Lost Princess of Oz (1917) and Glinda of Oz (1920), in which he reveals two more traits: capacious pockets and a talent for getting lost. Many of the characteristics the older Button-Bright took on in Sky Island vanished from the Oz books, Baum apparently assuming from the lower sales that he would be too unfamiliar to most of his readers if he had changed that much. However, Baum's designated successors largely left his character alone.



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