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Bodley Gallery

The Bodley Gallery was a prominent art gallery in New York City, United States, from the late 1940s through the early 1980s. The Bodley specialized in contemporary and modern art. David Mann was director of the gallery during its heyday and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Braun (a.k.a. Georgie Duffee), were the owners.

Several of Andy Warhol's earliest exhibitions in New York were at the Bodley during the 1950s, starting with two in 1956. David Mann, the Bodley's director, had previously been manager of the Hugo Gallery, assistant to director Alexander Iolas, when the Hugo mounted Warhol's first solo exhibition in 1952 [1] [2] [3]. Apparently David Mann was not the first director of the Bodley Gallery, which seems to have existed already in the late 1940s; but the period of David Mann's directorship includes the most important years of the Bodley's existence, judging from exhibition catalog records and other published historical material. According to at least one source, Mann was still director of the Bodley as late as 1981. [4]

Max Ernst had a major solo exhibition at the Bodley Gallery in 1961, after his works were exhibited together with those of Yves Tanguy in a 1960 Bodley Gallery show. Also in 1960, Roberto Matta had a solo show at the Bodley, entitled "Matta, from 1942 to 1957". Many other notable artists had showings at the Bodley under Mr. Mann's directorship, including Victor Brauner, Charles Bunnell, Clarence Holbrook Carter, Thomas Chimes, Louis Delsarte, Jane Frank, Charlotte Gilbertson, Eugenio Granell, Hank Laventhol, Mina Loy, Larry Rivers, Ethel Schwabacher, Bettina Shaw-Lawrence, Thomas Sills, and Ahmed Yacoubi.

  • "Drawings for a Boy-Book" : February 14 - March 3, 1956 [5]
  • "The Golden Slipper Show or Shoes Shoe in America" : December 3–22, 1956 [6]
  • "A Show of Golden Pictures" : December 2–24, 1957 [7]
  • "Wild Raspberries" : December 1–24, 1959 [8]
  • "What's New in Art", New York Times; Sunday, April 2, 1967; listing art openings for Monday (April 3) including "JANE FRANK - Bodley Gallery, 787 Madison Avenue. Paintings. To April 21." (This verifies that the gallery was still located at 787 Madison Avenue as late as April 1967.)


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