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BWP (group)

Genres Hip hop
Years active 1989–1994
Labels No Face/RAL/Chaos-
Columbia Records
Associated acts No Face
Past members Lyndah McCaskill
Tanisha Michele Morgan

BWP (Bytches With Problems) was a female rap duo that consisted of Lyndah McCaskill and Tanisha Michele Morgan.

BWP are perhaps best known today for their controversial music video, "Two Minute Brother", from their 1991 album The Bytches.

The group became well known for their sexually explicit lyrics and were often referred to as a female version of 2 Live Crew. The group released the successful album, The Bytches. Its follow up album, 1993's Life's a Bytch was, however, never released.

Some confusion regarding the band's discography comes from an R&B band in the late 1990s, whose name, Brothers with Potential, had the same initials as the Bytches. The Brothers' Always on My Mind release in 2000 is often mistakenly listed as a Bytches With Problems release.

BWP made a cameo appearance on the 1992 romance comedy film, Strictly Business.