• Wall flip

    Wall flip

    • A wall flip is an acrobatic move, similar to a back flip or back tuck done while running up a wall.

      This is the first wallflip variation, and is the easiest. The flipper runs toward a wall and plants his dominate foot on the wall and then pushes off the wall and begins to flip.

      This is considered to be the standard wallflip in tricking, freerunning, and gymnastics. The flipper runs towards a wall then plants his weak foot then his dominate foot on the wall. Then he pushes off the wall and begins to flip.

      A three step Wall Flip is just like a 2 Step Wall Flip where three steps are taken on the wall before fliping. This move is more difficult to do and more dangerous than a standard wall flip.

      This is a Wall Flip with four steps taking up the wall before the trickster does the flip. It is a rare and very difficult move. Most of the time it is done in the gym although a 4 step on an actual urban wall is not unheard of.

      • 1 Step Wall Flip
      • 2 Step Wall Flip
      • 3 Step Wall Flip
      • 4 step Wall Flip
      • Front Flip Wall Flip
      • Full Twisting Wall Flip (Back Tuck with 360 Degree twist)
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