• Telematic performance

    Telematic performance

    • The term telematic performance refers to a live performance (art, dance, music, etc.) which makes use of telecommunications and information technology to distribute the performers between two or more locations.

      While this may involve use of conventional videoconferencing technology, it has more recently come to mean the use of internet technologies. Performance groups my also refer to their events as internet concerts, online jamming, or teleconcerts.

      On June 21, 1982, The first International Summer Solstice Radio Broadcast. Created by Charlie Morrow. Produced by New Wilderness Foundation and WNYC FM. Celebrating the first day of summer (and winter below the equator) with a satellite mix of live events in Sweden, the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, and Italy. The solstice jam in real time concluded the show.

      On August 26, 2012, a ghostpianist concert has been realized in Berlin Philharmonie. Italian pianist Roberto Prosseda played Chopin's Grande Polonaise Brillante op. 22 on a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano in the backstage of the hall, sending the midi signal in real time to the robot-pianist Teo Tronico, which acted as a mirrorpianist, mirroring Prosseda's performance on the Steinway grand piano on stage with Berliner Symphoniker conducted by Michelangelo Galeati.

      Performers and researchers work to overcome the following obstacles:

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