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    • Shofur
      Intercity bus service
      Traded as Private Limited
      Industry Transportation
      Headquarters Atlanta, GA
      Number of locations
      100 locations
      Owner Armir Harris

      Shofur is a transportation logistics and technology company based in Atlanta, GA that offers charter bus bookings and low-cost bus tickets across the US and in parts of Canada via their website. In addition to its operations in the charter bus industry, Shofur is a growth-stage tech startup focused on disrupting the bus industry with technology. Considered the combination between Yelp and AirBnB for buses, the Shofur web platform and app provides users with access to over 500 bus companies in 100 locations nationwide. In addition to renting a charter bus, customers are able to purchase tickets along scheduled inter-city routes using a technology-first approach providing them with greater transparency, ease of purchase, and higher customer service than competitors. The company has also begun planning the development of the first self-driving bus.

      The company operates across the US with charter buses, entertainer or tour buses, and mini buses. The company focuses on enabling its consumers to coordinate their bus quote inquiries and bookings independently online via their computer or smart phone. In the past, this was only possible by calling on multiple bus operators, which was a very time-consuming task. In addition to its consumer-facing side of the business, the company also connects buyers and sellers of buses directly, instead of connecting the buyers with the brokers as a competitive strategy. This custom-built web platform facilitates charter bus buying and selling through an online marketplace.

      In June 2016, the company launched its first inter-city bus service line in the Texas Triangle serving Dallas, Austin, Waco, Houston and San Antonio. The buses offer amenities such as reclining seats, wifi, power outlets, and the option to select your seat at no additional cost. By reserving seats, riders can ensure they are next to family and friends or sitting in their preferred part of the bus. Bus routes in California and New York are expected to launch in the following months.

      During the second quarter of 2016, the self-funded company hired a Chief Technology Officer to spearhead the development of the app and the autonomous bus research. A Chief Operation Officer was also hired to help the company scale.

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