• Pet show

    Pet show

    • An animal show is a form of exhibition featuring the display or performance of one or more breeds of animal.

      An animal show can be for entertainment, educational, and/or commercial purpose. A judged event may rank specimens for the benefit of those involved in animal breeding or husbandry, or provide entertainment to animal fancy hobbyists.

      The US Animal Welfare Act identifies a number of types of animal exhibitions:

      Modern amusement parks often feature performing marine mammals and even contain drive-thru animal safari tours. The animal shows are typically operated by a contracted performer, while the animal parks are owned by the theme park itself.

      The US Animal Welfare Act prohibits the staging of dog fighting, dog-baiting, and bear or raccoon-baiting. Cockfighting is outlawed in every state in the United States but is not banned nationally in the US.

      Animals perform tricks and stunts in the circus, marine mammal shows, amusement parks, carnivals, independent animal acts, television shows, movies, and educational exhibits. These can be licensed acts with booking agents.

      Animals can be displayed or be given as prizes by concessionaires at carnivals.

      Farm animals are exhibited at agricultural shows, fairs, and other exhibitions. In the US, 4-H is actively involved in youth participation in the exhibition of at county and state fairs and dedicated .

      Horse shows are competitions in which riders cause their horses to perform particular gaits and activities for recognition and prizes.

      Marine mammal shows include the display or performance of marine mammals such as polar bears, sea otters, whales, porpoises, dolphins, manatees, dugongs, seals, sea lions, walruses, and other mammals with fins or flippers.

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