• Line sheet

    Line sheet

    • A Line sheet can be a financial term with two meanings.

      A loan line sheet is a work document used by bank examiners who can be either bank regulators or bank "third party" or consulting examiners. The line sheet represents the examiner's review of a bank loan, whether a loan to a company or to an individual. The line sheet initially contains basic information about the particular loan in question, such as the original amount of the loan, the current balance, the monthly payment, etc. The examiner then uses the line sheet to review the loan file, and makes his/her own notations and analysis on the line sheet to document the review of the loan.

      A line sheet, or line guide, can also be a schedule that a company keeps for guidance showing the top lines that can be written inclusive of reinsurance on different classes of risk.

      A line sheet is also a wholesale sales sheet used by a manufacturer in the garment/fashion industry providing information on a product. It allows a garment to be listed with the sizes in its size range, great for inventory tracking. It typically includes a line drawing or photograph of the product (possibly computer generated), its identification or SKU number, the style, and perhaps a swatch showing color and fabric. In lieu of swatches industry color standards such as Pantone numbers may be used. Price, minimum order amounts, order cutoff dates, contact and delivery information are also included.

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