• Envirotecture


    • People, paths, and purposes is the concept of Envirotecture.

      Defined it is the use of Architecture, Audio - Visual Experience, and purposeful direction of individuals to experience a "milieu" for the purpose of immersion into an emotional and physical experience.

      The first reference know to this author is the book People, Paths, and Purposes: Notations for a Participatory Envirotecture written by Phillip Thiel in 1997. I will reference this work for future entries about the subject.

      This book is an explanatory and definitive work which develops the concept of Envirotecture from ancient historical examples to modern day uses.

      In a similar way that Feng Shui uses a system of energies to determine human participation in an environment, Envirotecture is using special tools to view the environment from a "experiential point of view" to allow designers to include visual, auditory and other accents, to heighten the "reality" of the experience.

      As a human, you are able to have many Social / Cultural experiences in life.

      Close your eyes and remember a special moment in your life.

      The sights....

      The Sounds....

      The Visceral reaction of your body to the situation...

      THIS, intentional or not "Is the human domain."

      Our understanding of the world around us is based on physical evidence, and our human emotional response to it.

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