• Draft:Rann Utsav

    Draft:Rann Utsav

    • Rann Utsav - A Driver of Tourism in Gujarat History

      Certainly one of the largest salt ranns on this planet, the tremendous Great Rann of Kutch in the state of Gujarat (India) is understood not best for its natural beauty alone however for what then the Chief Minister of Guarat and now the Prine Minister Mr. Narendra Modi have created – The Rann Utsav. Outstanding is the phrase that one should absolutely use and glorify the natural splendor of Kutch until there was this sin-worth canvas of subculture, great quantity of artwork forms, and an overabundance of lifestyles all packed in nicely synthetic tent -metropolis crafted for a one of its kind event like Rann Utsav.

      Venue of Rann Utsav Rann Utsav / Kutch Utsav is an annual affair organized by Government of Gujarat's tourism ministry at the Great Rann of Kutch during winter months. Its one of its kind event encompasses white dessert, full moon and vibrant Kutch and Gujarat at its best to mesmerize the visitors.

      Role in Driving Tourism in Gujarat:

      Rann Utsav is one of the flagship events created by Government of Gujarat to promote inbound tourism for Gujarat. As per the latest tourism policy released by Government of Gujarat on September 2015, the state is giving host of incentives to boost the tourism sector in Gujarat.Tourism Policy of Gujarat Governement. Media predicts this to be a game changer for tourism in Gujarat.Media Coverage

      How Rann Utsav transformed once the most backward region into a throbbing tourist place?

      Once considered one of the most backward areas in terms of development 'Kutch' got transfromed into a one of the most sought after tourist destination when in year 2005 then the Chief Minister of the state Mr. Narendra Modi decided to host an annual event called Rann Utsav. Modi Government took number of steps to boost tourism in Gujarat but this event has become a game changer for the tourism sector. Not only the village where the event is hosted but the entire region benefits from arrival of tourists, multiplying the over all growth for this backward region. Read more about the Success Story

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