• is a website that allows users to vlog using American Sign Language (ASL).

      It was started and is hosted by Tayler Mayer (username: deafvideotv) through a site called was started in 2007. It currently has over 4,000 vloggers who discuss everything from politics, current events, sports, and religious information using ASL. In 2011 the website had approximately 34.5 million views and averaged 6,000 views a day. Before developing Mayer helped establish websites designed to facilitate communication among the Deaf via webcams and personal computers. The success of Mayer's blogging sites lead up to his success with Mayer has been recognized by Gallaudet University as a trailblazer among their alumni for his creation of

      Although video upload websites like are commonly used by vloggers - accessing and finding vlogs in ASL is cumbersome and difficult. Also, is not designed to allow other vloggers to respond via sign language. Videos in ASL posted to also commonly face negative evaluations by viewers via their posting of comments in text - comments to YouTube videos become a breeding ground for bullying, trolling, and audism. allows vloggers who communicate via ASL to access information from other users/vloggers in a way that is clear and organized.

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