• Assholes: A Theory

    Assholes: A Theory

    • Assholes: A Theory
      Assholes- A Theory cover.jpeg
      Cover to the hardcover edition
      Author Aaron James
      Language English
      Subject philosophy
      Published 2012 (Doubleday)
      Media type Print (hardcover) / Digital (Kindle eBook)
      Pages 221

      Assholes: A Theory is a 2012 non-fiction book by Aaron James. An associate professor of philosophy at the University of California, Irvine, James attempts a precise academic definition of the term. According to James, an asshole "allows himself to enjoy special advantages in social relations out of an entrenched sense of entitlement that immunizes him against the complaints of other people." As Martin Patriquin writes in Macleans, the author "spends 214 quite convincing pages arguing that “assholeness” is less inattention than a permanent state of mind [...]" Seekers of philosophical meaning will find much to ponder with James, concludes Alex Balk in Slate.

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