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Founded Interlaken, Switzerland
Headquarters Interlaken, Switzerland

TrekkSoft is an online booking and payment software provider for tour and activity companies. The software as a service company is headquartered in Interlaken, Switzerland.

TrekkSoft was founded in Interlaken in 2010 by Jon Fauver, Valentin Binnendijk and Philippe Willi.

After working as a raft guide in Nepal, Jon Fauver co-founded Outdoor Interlaken in Switzerland in 2001 and become Co-Owner of Bus2Alps in 2006.

Philippe Willi joined Outdoor Interlaken in 2007 and Bus2Alps as Co-Owner in 2009. Philippe Willi knew Valentin Binnendijk from studying at University of St. Gallen, which put the three founders in contact.

TrekkSoft was founded in 2010 by the three co-founders in response to Outdoor Interlaken and Bus2Alps needing a way to sell their tours and activities online.

In 2012, the TrekkSoft platform launched and began offering booking software to tour and activity companies. In June 2012, 55 tour operators were using TrekkSoft booking software.

In June 2013, TrekkSoft launched its mobile application.

As of May 2016, TrekkSoft has been used by tour and activity providers in 125 countries. In TrekkSoft's current management structure, Jon Fauver is CEO, Valentin Binenndijk is CTO, and Philippe Willi is COO/CFO.

In August 2013, TrekkSoft raised $800,000 in an investment seed round.

In January 2015, TrekkSoft raised $1.1 million in investment from Redalpine and a group of independent investors including Armin Meier (former CEO of Kuoni), and Walter Güntensperger (former CEO of Hotelplan Switzerland).

As of January 2015, the total invested in the company is $2.8 million.

In January 2014, TrekkSoft signed a partnership with TripAdvisor to integrate TripAdvisor content across TrekkSoft’s network of vendors.

In November 2015, TrekkSoft acquired Acteavo, the Irish-based booking software company.

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