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The Year in Industry

The Year in Industry (YinI) is a UK scheme, which organises gap year placements for pre-university and undergraduate students. Each year The Year in Industry places around 750 students in engineering, science, IT, and business. The Year in Industry is run by the not for shareholder profit Engineering Development Trust and is accredited by the Learning Grid.

Students submit a Curriculum vitae to The Year in Industry detailing what field they are interested in finding a placement. The Year in Industry then send individual students 'company CV's' in that field. Students can then elect to be put forward for that placement, and may be selected by the company for interview and ultimately the placement. Placements usually last around 12 months, during which in between two and four on-site visits are made by YinI to check up on the student.

The Year in Industry was set up in 1987 in the Bristol area and was originally called Pre-Formation of Undergraduate Engineers (PFUE). It has placed over 8500 students to date, in 2007 over 250 UK companies were involved in the scheme. The scheme has received a lot of praise from both universities and industry.

Placements usually last around 12 months and start between July and September, depending on the company and students requirements. Applications are free as The Year in Industry no longer charge an administrative fee to students. Students apply for placements through regional offices with the following process:

The Year in Industry is run by the not for shareholder profit Engineering Development Trust, an independent education charity whose aim is to involve young people in engineering, science and technology. The scheme is also part of the Royal Academy of Engineering's BEST programme, likewise this is aimed at encouraging young people to undertake careers in engineering.

  • The Student submits an on-line or written application to their chosen Year in Industry regional office.
  • The geographically nearest regional office contacts the student to arrange an assessment interview. During the interview the students options are discussed, such as field of placement, and geographical location.
  • If the student is accepted onto the scheme The Year in Industry will send them 'company CV's'.
  • Students select which placements they would like to be put forward for.
  • Companies will then shortlist candidates for interviews, which are held throughout the year.
  • If a student is successful in an interview, they are offered a job with the company.
  • South, incorporating the Year in Industry head office
  • South West
  • London
  • East
  • Wales
  • East Midlands
  • West Midlands
  • North West
  • Yorkshire
  • North
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland


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