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Still Processing

Still Processing podcast cover art.jpg
Hosted by Jenna Wortham
Wesley Morris
Genre Culture
Language English
Updates Weekly
Length About 45 minutes
Debut September 8, 2016
Provider The New York Times
Website Official website

Still Processing is a New York Times culture podcast hosted by Times writers Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris.

Morris joined the New York Times from the Boston Globe in 2015 with a podcast as part of his new contract and approached Wortham about serving as co-host. Developed under the working title Feelings, the show launched as Still Processing on September 8, 2016, part of a collaboration between The New York Times and Pineapple Street Media to expand Times podcasts offerings.

Morris and Wortham host the podcast, often joined for discussion by Times colleagues or outside guests. The production team includes Pineapple Street's Jenna Weiss-Berman and members of the Times audio department, Lisa Tobin and Samantha Henig.

The format typically includes discussion between Morris and Wortham as well as one or more interviews, sometimes in studio but often in outside locations: the first episode ("First Date") followed Wortham and Morris on a walk through Central Park, and they have also visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC), interviewing curator Joanne Hyppolyte, and Columbia University to speak with Margo Jefferson, among other places.

Episodes are usually between half an hour and an hour in length, and released weekly on Thursdays.

Reviewing the podcast's launch, The A.V. Club said the "inaugural episode of The New York Times’ Still Processing podcast is an incredible mix of personality, pop culture, and education. Writers Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris bring a jolt of energy to the show, which feels like old media finally embracing the new." Of the first episode, Nylon said Wortham and Morris's "natural banter and strong viewpoints will leave you wanting so, so much more." At Rookie, Diamond Sharp cited the podcast as among the projects that argue for considering Wortham "with no hyperbole, one of the most important minds working in media."

No. Title Date
1 First Date September 8, 2016
2 'You Can't Code Your Way Out of Racism' September 15, 2016
3 RuPaul: 'Identity Is a Hoax, People!' September 22, 2016
4 Maintaining Higher Ground September 29, 2016
5 A Journey to the 'Blacksonian' October 6, 2016
6 America, What You Doin' Gurl? October 13, 2016
7 Peak Black TV October 20, 2016
8 Nudity Clause October 27, 2016
9 Dancing in the Moonlight November 3, 2016
10 The Reckoning November 9, 2016
11 How to Survive Thanksgiving November 17, 2016
12 The Brilliance of Kerry James Marshall November 24, 2016
13 Obama's Last Cultural Statement December 1, 2016
14 Beyoncé vs. Adele? No Contest December 8, 2016
15 Best of 2016 with Bill Simmons, Heben Nigatu, Tracy Clayton and Ezra Edelman December 15, 2016
16 The Lives They Lived December 22, 2016
17 The Kanye-thon December 29, 2016
18 'The Perfect Movie for Our Time' January 5, 2017



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