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Professional regurgitator

A professional regurgitator is an entertainer whose act consists of swallowing and regurgitating various unusual objects. The objects may consist of anything from live animals (live mice: The Great Waldo), to light bulbs, billiard balls (Stevie Starr) and kerosene (Hadji Ali).

Some magicians perform regurgitation as part of their act (for instance, Harry Houdini), but professional regurgitators may perform regurgitation exclusively. Taunton magician, Kieron Lefever, performs regurgitation and water spouting as part of his performance In some cases there is debate as to whether demonstrations are true feats of regurgitation or "tricks". For example, Stevie Starr as part of his performance has swallowed an unsolved Rubik's Cube, then regurgitated a solved cube.



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