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Playmation Logo
Type Smart toy
Company Disney
Country United States
Official website

Playmation is a system of toys, wearables, and companion apps from Disney and Hasbro. The system is designed to keep kids active, replacing screens with pretend play. Players can receive missions through a companion app, and track scores and accomplishments.

The toy system launched in October 2015 with the Marvel Avengers collection. Star Wars and Frozen are planned for 2016 and 2017.

It is reported that much of the development team has been laid-off and that while the existing Avengers product line will continue to be sold through Christmas 2016 any further development is on-hold.




  • Repulsor Gear
  • Gamma Gear
  • Power Activator
  • Prowler Bot
  • Home Base
  • Ultron
  • Iron Skull
  • Loki
  • Super Adaptoid
  • Ultron Bot


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