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PlayDate is a casual alternative nightlife venue that hosts recurring events in over thirty cities across the United States, offering board games, card games, arcade games, and similar amusements for a wide range of adults. The concept, created in 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia by Imari Harvard, Ryan Hill, and Ronald Gaither, was designed to provide a “solution to the lack of creative social atmospheres and entertainment for adults.”

PlayDate boasts a variety of activities for the attendants at their organized events including food and drinks, music, and a variety of games – all while promoting an atmosphere for individuals to meet new people or maintain bonds with friends and coworkers. PlayDate is marketed as “a creative alternative to the typical night out, social event, or corporate function.”

The events promoted by PlayDate are aimed to target adults age 25-50 with an average household income of 60K+. These events can be specifically designed to fit the needs of many groups including private parties, birthday parties, office parties, family reunions, wedding receptions, religious events, charity events, fundraising opportunities and other celebrations. These events can be catered “for singles, couples, and groups of all ethnicities and backgrounds.”

PlayDate has worked with many large national corporations including Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Ford, Microsoft, and Virgin Mobile.

PlayDate founder Imari Havard summed up his company’s main objective as providing “universal fun for everyone.”



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