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Performing arts education

Education in the performing arts is a key part of many primary and secondary education curricula and is also available as a specialisation at the tertiary level (needs citation). The performing arts, which include, but are not limited to dance, music and theatre, are key elements of culture and engage participants at a number of levels (needs citation).

The end point for performing arts education varies: some educators integrate arts into school classrooms to support other curricula while simultaneously building students' art skills, and some educators focus on performing arts as an academic discipline in itself.

Performing arts integration in schools

Integrating performing arts into educational experiences can help students learn other subjects, such as science, as well as help them develop various non-arts-based skills. As children grow, engaging them in performance arts can help them meet developmental milestones, including those for motor skills and psychosocial skills. For example, teachers can integrate performing arts and the discussion thereof into their classrooms to honor student self-expression. Bilingual youth can benefit from this type of Arts integration because it offers them modes of communication that can respond more easily to their culture and language than text-based or test-based learning. Regardless of language used, teachers have even found that using performing arts in the classroom, such as improvisational drama, can help students process and prepare for non-arts-based life situations, including Bullying.

Performing arts integration out of schools

Performing arts integration that empowers students in these ways doesn't only happen in schools: community organizations, such as the Beat Nation Collective in Canada, use hip hop performance to help students deepen their understanding of and broaden their experience with indigenous identity and language.

  • The School of American Ballet, Lincoln Center is located in New York City, United States is the official academy of the New York City Ballet
  • Un-Cabaret Laboratories teaches alternative comedy writing & performance
  • The Juilliard School in New York City provides an arts education for people around the world since 1905, and has trained hundreds of famous actors that have performed on Broadway and in American films for the past century.
  • New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA)
  • Leland Powers School in Boston provided training in theatre, public speaking, opera, and more for more than 50 years.
  • The Los Angeles Academy of Performing Arts (LAAPA)
  • The National Conservatory of Arts (NCA) in Washington, DC National Conservatory of Arts is a performing and fine arts conservatory that offers classes and private lessons in Music, dance, art, theater, and foreign language. NCA also hosts a performing arts after school program, and summer camp, where students major in specific art forms, or participate in all of the programs throughout the week. NCA, also houses the National Girls Choir, which is dedicated to presenting the finest in choral performance and education for girls and young women. NCA also offers music teacher mentorship programs, which allows music teachers with inexperience or credentials to shadow accomplished music teachers until they embody the same skill sets and standards.
  • Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater started by African American dancer, Alvin Ailey, in New York
  • Lula Washington Dance Theatre, a non-profit dance school and professional company founded by African-American dancer, Lula Washington, in South Los Angeles
  • Debbie Allen Dance Academy, founded by African American dancer, actor and director, Debbie Allen in South Los Angeles.


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