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Owner's engineer

Owner's Engineer or also known as Client's Engineer, Lender's Engineer or Independent Engineer, is a term often given to the representative of the commissioning company of a construction or engineering project. It refers to the personnel involved in technical Due diligence.

Most often, an Owner's Engineer is an independent third party or subcontracted role; undertaken to ensure that the technical and build contractors are adhering sufficiently to the project specification. Owner's Engineers also fill gaps in resources and expertise for a project.

Ordinarily, the role is separate from the Project Manager's role as this often involves overseeing the technical, financial and commercial due diligence aspects of the works. Owners engineers are usually a "third party" overseeing the executing parties activities throughout the project life

Functions often include:

" General reporting to owner on the basis of technical and business competence 3263

  • Project Evaluation,Feasibility and Planning reviews
  • contract reviews (non-legal)
  • Monitoring of Construction progress
  • Monitoring of equipment and material compliance with specifications
  • Engineering design and planning reviews
  • Schedule Analysis and Optimization
  • Equipment Commissioning and Verification Test
  • Operational and Maintenance Review
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis


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