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Organization studies

Organization studies (also called organization science or organization theories) is the inter-disciplinary academic field interested in collective activity, and how it relates to organization, organizing and management (see e.g. Tsoukas and Knudsen, 2005 or Clegg et al., 2006). It has followed numerous 'turns' since its emergence in the 1960s: linguistic turn, spatial turn, practice turn, process turn, materiality turn, communication turn... A turn is a collective direction of research, focused on some coherent sets of concepts, theories and ideas, which represent a point of bifurcation for the field itself. Most turns in organization studies relate to broader ones in social sciences and humanities.

Major academic journals of the field are, among others: Organization Science, Organization Studies and Organization.

Researchers interested in organizations and organizing meet in the context of numerous conferences and workshops: the Academy of Management Annual Conference (in particular the OMT division), the European Group on Organization Studies (EGOS), the Asia Pacific conference on Research in Organization Studies (APROS), the American and European Conference on Organization Studies (LAEMOS), the Organization Studies Summer Workshop, the International Symposium on Process Organization Studies (PROS), the Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS), the Organizations, Artifacts & Practices (OAP) workshop, Organization Science Winter Conference, etc.



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