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Mshasho Clothing

Mshasho Clothing
Industry Apparel
Founded 2004
Headquarters Windhoek, Namibia
Key people
Martin "The Dogg" Morrocky (Founder and CEO)
Products Clothing, footwear, fragrance and fashion accessories
Owner Mshasho closed corporation

Mshasho Clothing is a Namibian clothing brand founded by Martin "The Dogg" Morrocky. The company is 100% owned by Mshasho closed corporation operating as a its subsidiary. The name Mshasho is derived from its original name Omushasho which is the Oshiwambo name for a shotgun.

The company designs, outsource manufacture and supply a wide range of clothing, shoes and jewellery in Namibian. It lays claim to the most successful clothing label designed and manufactured locally.

The line includes clothing and accessories inspired by The Dogg himself and street life. Mshasho Clothing produces cloths and accessories for men, women and children. The female line includes tops, hot pants, and bikinis. In 2006 Mshasho Clothing expanded its line to include accessories such as bracelets, nametags, headwear, jewelry, handbags and belts. Mshasho Clothing was interested in launching a range of sunglasses. In 2008, the line launched Mshasho throwback jerseys. Mshasho Clothing launched Flipflops, men's jeans and school bags in 2010.

Mshasho Clothing can be frequently seen being worn by The Dogg, OmPuff, Tre, Sunny Boy, Elvo, TeQuila, DJ Kboz and Fidel among others. It has become a culture for Mshasho fans to wear Mshasho apparel when attending a show by an Mshasho artist or affiliated. It is the most popular local gear among Namibian youth.

The Mshasho logo is handwritten signature by The Dogg and it is the most commonly used trademark on Mshasho Clothing. It also appears on "Mshasho Still Water". 3545 and You Can't Ignore are the official slogans of Mshasho.

  • Mshasho
  • 3545
  • You Can't Ignore
  • Mshasho Army
  • The Deception


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