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List of food days

This is a list of food days by country. Many countries have designated various days as celebrations, commemorations or acknowledgments of certain types of foods and dishes.

The United States has over 175 days related to awareness of food or drink. None of these are federal holidays.

February 20 Event international vanilla strawberry ice cream day

May 19 national chicken nugget day

Date Event Origin Notes Image
47 days before Easter Shrove Tuesday
(Pancake Day)
Hot cake.jpg
January 23 International Sticky Toffee Pudding Day 2016
February 8 National Potato Lover’s Day [1] 2016
February 8th is National Potato Lover’s Day!
March 30 World Idli Day Worldwide
Celebrate#WorldIdliDay by sharing Idli day
World Idli Day
April 17 Malbec World Day 2011
May 13 International Hummus Day 2012, in Egypt Hummus from The Nile.jpg
June 1 World Milk Day 2001, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Milk Pitcher With Lid.jpg
June 18 International Sushi Day Sushi platter.jpg
July 4 Jackfruit Day
Photo of Jackfruit on a tree in Bangladesh
July 7 World Chocolate Day Algunas delicadezas en chocolate..JPG
August International Beer Day Occurs on the first Friday of August GravityTap.jpg
September 5 International Bacon Day Occurs on the Saturday before Labor Day Bacon slices.jpg
September 29 International Coffee Day Coffe time.jpg
October 1 World Vegetarian Day 1977, North American Vegetarian Society Added some spices with oregano herbs.jpg
October 2 World Day A chart of farm animals consisting of quadrupeds (horse, don Wellcome V0021698.jpg
October World Chicken Day Occurs on the second Thursday of October Friedchicken.jpg
October World Egg Day Occurs on the second Friday of October Eicode Nederland.jpg
October 10 World Porridge Day
October 16 World Food Day 1945, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Good Food Display - NCI Visuals Online.jpg
October 24 World Tripe Day 2013, Tripe Marketing Board Boiled tripe.jpg
October 25 World Pasta Day 1995, World Pasta Day Congress 6-alimenti, pasta,Taccuino Sanitatis, Casanatense 4182..jpg
First Thursday in November International Stout Day
November 1 World Vegan Day 1994, The Vegan Society Cajun Couscous (4430038406).jpg
November 17 International Happy Gose Day Historical, celebrating one of the most popular sour beers; originated in Leipzig; disseminated worldwide Gose.jpeg
December 1 International Tea Day
Date Event Origin Notes Image
September 24 South Africa National Braai Day South Africa
October 31 Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security 2DU Kenya 86 (5367322642).jpg
Date Event Origin Notes Image
May 28 National Burger Day NCI Visuals Food Hamburger.jpg
June 2 Vanilla Coke Day
July 21 International Lamington Day
July 23 National Milkshake Day
Date Event Origin Notes Image
December 18 National Muffin Day NCI Visuals Food Muffins.jpg
Date Event Origin Notes
Varies Food Freedom Day Canadian Federation of Agriculture
June 27 National Chip Day
Saturday of Civic Holiday weekend (August) Food Day Canada Anita Stewart
Date Event Origin Notes Image
January 11 German Apples Day
(Tag des Deutschen Apfels)
Eriskircher Ried-4837 1.jpg
April 23 German Beer Day
1994, Deutscher Brauer-Bund Kranz Koelsch.jpg
September 25 German Butterbrot Day
(Tag des Deutschen Butterbrots)
November 19 National Soup Day Pictured is Hochzeitssuppe, a German soup. Bramstedt Hochzeitssuppe 01 (RaBoe).jpg
Date Event Origin Notes Image
March 1 Beer Day
Date Event Origin Notes Image
January 14 National Undhiyu Day Gujarat, India Use hashtag #NationalUndhiyuDay to participate. Undhiyu.jpg
November 26 National Milk Day India Vollmilch im Glas.JPG
Date Event Origin Notes Image
October 27 National Cheeseburger Day (روز ملی چیزبرگر) Cheeseburgers (1).jpg
Date Event Origin Notes Image
April 17 National Espresso Day (Espresso Italiano Day) Galvin La Chapelle, Spitalfields, London (4286657328).jpg
Date Event Origin Notes Image
January 5 Strawberry Day
Brazilian strawberries.jpg
October 10 Mochi Day Pregelatinized rice cake 20110626.jpg
November 11 Pocky Day Ezaki Glico, 1999. Pictured are sticks of original-type Pocky. Pocky-Sticks.jpg
Date Event Origin Notes
Fourth Sunday in Lent Pretzel Sunday (Bretzelsonndeg)



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