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Liquid Loft

Liquid Loft is an internationally active dance company based in Vienna. It was jointly founded in 2005 by choreographer Chris Haring, dancer Stephanie Cumming, musician Andreas Berger and dramaturge Thomas J. Jelinek.

Liquid Loft create stage performances and installations at the intersection of contemporary dance and visual arts, with the sound environment and musical composition playing an integral part of the creative development. In 2007 Liquid Loft was awarded the Golden Lion for “Best Performance” for the piece “Posing Project B – The Art of Seduction” at the Biennale di Venezia. Science Fiction and the reception of cyborg theory count as the major sources of inspiration for their work. In their performances Liquid Loft reflect, among other things, on the change in our perception through visual media and the everyday use of technology. Their choreography shifts perspectives, isolates gestural and verbal patterns from their familiar contexts, and aims to integrate the outside view of the body into the movements. The bespoke acoustic environments are specifically created to open spaces for thought and movement and so provide the dancers with new, surprising possibilities for the recombination of their original choreographic elements.

Liquid Loft’s productions have been staged at international venues and at festivals such as Rencontres Chorégraphiques Saint-Denis, Théâtre National de Chaillot Paris, Impulstanz Vienna International Dance Festival, Tanzquartier Wien, Burgtheater Wien, Southbank Center London, MODAFE Seoul, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt, Julidans Amsterdam, Suzanne Dellal Center Tel Aviv, Trafo Budapest, La Bâtie-Festival de Genève, Biennale di Venezia, The Place London, Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, Biennale de la Danse Lyon, Kampnagel Hamburg, Melkweg Amsterdam, World Expo Zaragoza, Shanghai Dance Festival, Opera de Monte Carlo and more.

Part of Liquid Loft’s Oeuvre forms, amongst other, choreographies for Dialogue Dance Kostroma, RU (Groza, 2012), Phace Ensemble for contemporary music,Vienna & Arturo Fuentes (Grace Note, 2012), Staatstheater Kassel (Lego Love, 2013), Ballet Moskau (Frozen Laugh 2014), Balletto di Roma (Giselle, 2014). Collaborations on various pieces, for example with visual artists such as Erwin Wurm (Kind of Heroes), Aldo Giannotti (Posing Project, Wintersonne, etc.) and Günter Brus (Grace Note).

  • Fremdkörper, 2003
  • Diese Körper, diese Spielverderber, 2004
  • Legal Errorist, 2004
  • My Private Bodyshop, 2005
  • Kind of Heroes, 2005
  • Running Sushi, 2006
  • Posing Project A – The Art of Wow, 2007
  • Posing Project B – The Art of Seduction, 2007
  • Posing Project C - The Art of Garfunkel, 2008
  • Wintersonne (World EXPO Zaragoza), 2008
  • The China Project & Lovely Liquid Lounge, 2009 (mit Jin Xing Dance Theatre)
  • Sacre – The Rite Thing, 2010 (mit Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo)
  • Talking Head, 2010
  • WELLNESS (The Perfect Garden), 2011
  • Mush:Room (The Perfect Garden), 2012
  • Deep Dish (The Perfect Garden), 2012
  • Shiny, shiny… (Imploding Portraits Inevitable), 2014
  • False Colored Eyes (Imploding Portraits Inevitable), 2015 (Burgtheater Wien, Impulstanz Vienna International Dance Festival)
  • Candy's Camouflage (Imploding Portraits Inevitable), 2016
  • 2004 Award for best performance at the Biennale de la Dance Lyon, with “Fremdkoerper”
  • 2007 Goldener Löwe at the Biennale in Venedig for “Best Performance” with Posing Project B – The Art of Seduction (with Liquid Loft)
  • 2008 NORMAN, Wand 5, Stuttgarter Filmwinter for „Part Time Heroes“, (with Mara Mattuschka / Liquid Loft)
  • 2008 Best innovative Experimental-, Animation and short movie at Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film with “Running Sushi” (with Mara Mattuschka / Liquid Loft)
  • 2009 Diaphone Award, Cindeans, Amsterdam, für „Burning Palace“, (with Mara Mattuschka / Liquid Loft)
  • 2009 Audience Award, Wand 5, Stuttgart for „Running Sushi“, (with Mara Mattuschka / Liquid Loft)
  • 2009 Award Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, for „Burning Palace“, (with Mara Mattuschka / Liquid Loft)
  • 2010 outstanding artist award – Darstellende Kunst, Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur for Chris Haring.
  • Andrea Amort, Mimi Wunderer-Gosch (Hrsg.): Österreich tanzt. Geschichte und Gegenwart. Böhlau-Verlag, Wien 2001, .
  • Kim Knowles: Film, Performance, and the Spaces Between: The Collaborative Works of Mara Mattuschka and Chris Haring (forthcoming)
  • Elena Basteri u.a.: REGEARSING COLLECTIVITY – Choreography Beyond Dance. Berlin 2012, .
  • Kreitner Angelika: Der Begriff der Gemeinschaft im Postdramatischen Theater. Diplomarbeit, Universität Wien, Wien 2010.
  • Dettelbacher, Christina: Produktionsbedingungen der Freien Zeitgenössischen Tanzszene im Wien der Gegenwart. Magisterarbeit, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München 2013.


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