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Lilian Harvey

Lilian Harvey
Lilian Harvey Argentinean Magazine AD.jpg
Lilian Harvey in 1932
Born Helene Lilian Muriel Pape
(1906-01-19)19 January 1906
London, United Kingdom
Died 27 July 1968(1968-07-27) (aged 62)
Juan-les-Pins, France
Occupation Actress
Years active 1924–1940
Spouse(s) Hartvig Valeur-Larsen (1953–1957)

Lilian Harvey (19 January 1906 – 27 July 1968) was an Anglo-German actress and singer, long based in Germany, where she is best known for her role as Christel Weinzinger in Erik Charell's 1931 film Der Kongreß tanzt.

Helene Lilian Muriel Pape was born in 1906, in Hornsey, North London. Her mother, Ethel Marion (Laughton), was English, and her father, Walter Bruno Pape, was a German businessman. At the beginning of World War I the family found itself in Magdeburg, and as they were unwilling and unable to return to England, Harvey was sent to live with an aunt at Solothurn in Switzerland. After the war, the Papes lived in Berlin, where Lilian took her high-school diploma (Abitur) in 1923. She began her career by attending the dance and voice school of the Berlin State Opera and assumed her grandmother's maiden name (Harvey) as her professional surname.

After an engagement as a revue dancer in Vienna in 1924, Harvey received her first movie role as the young Jewish girl "Ruth" in the Austrian film The Curse directed by Robert Land. Subsequently, she starred in many silent films. In 1925, she was cast in her first leading role in the film Passion by Richard Eichberg, side by side with Otto Gebühr.

Because of her training as a singer, Harvey was able to pursue a successful acting career during the initial talkie era of the early 1930s. Her first movie with Willy Fritsch was the operetta film Chaste Susanne in 1926. Harvey and Fritsch became the "dream couple" of German movies in the early 1930s with the romantic love story Waltz of Love; she was called the "sweetest girl in the world" by the press, after a song featured in the film. She and Fritsch starred in a total of 11 movies together, among them the criminal comedy Hokuspokus (1930) after a play by Curt Goetz, directed by Gustav Ucicky, which became a box office success. An English version (The Temporary Widow) was filmed simultaneously, starring Lilian Harvey and Laurence Olivier, who thereby made his film debut. She also appeared in the musical film The Three from the Filling Station of the same year, which also became a major success and gave the young actor Heinz Rühmann his break. During this period she became the muse of the composer Charles Koechlin who, in his sixties, wrote numerous pieces in her honour; initially flattered, she soon became disturbed by his apparent obsession with her.

Year Title Role Language Notes
1925 The Motorist Bride (uncredited) Silent Stunt double for Lee Parry
The Curse Ruth Silent
Passion Hella von Gilsa Silent
Love and Trumpets Komtesse Maria Charlotte Silent
The Girl on the Road Die 'Kleine' Silent
1926 Princess Trulala Prinzessin Trulala Silent
Chaste Susanne Jacqueline Silent
It's Easy to Become a Father Harriet Silent
1927 Fabulous Lola Tänzerin Tilly Schneider aka Lola Cornero Silent
Vacation from Marriage Hella Strakosch Silent
1928 The Love Commandment Lotte Silent
A Knight in London Aline Morland Silent
1929 Her Dark Secret Lilian von Trucks / Yvette Silent
Rund um die Liebe Silent Archive footage
The Model from Montparnasse Mascotte German
Once You Give Away Your Heart Dolly German
1930 Waltz of Love Princess Eva German MLV
The Love Waltz Princess Eva English MLV
Hokuspokus Kitty Kellermann German MLV
The Three from the Filling Station Lilian Cossmann German MLV
The Temporary Widow Kitty Kellermann English MLV
Burglars Reneé German
The Road to Paradise Liliane Bourcart French MLV
1931 The Girl and the Boy Jenny Berger / Ria bella French MLV
Princesse, à vos ordres! La princesse Marie-Christine French
No More Love Gladys O'Halloran German MLV
Calais-Dover Gladys O'Halloran French MLV
Der Kongreß tanzt Christel Weinzinger, Gloves-seller German MLV
Le congrès s'amuse Christine "Christel" Weizinger French MLV
1932 Two Hearts Beat as One Jenny Müller German MLV
Congress Dances Christel English MLV
Quick Eva German MLV
Quick Christine Dawson French MLV
A Blonde Dream Jou-Jou German MLV
Un rêve blond Jou-Jou French MLV
Happy Ever After Jou-Jou English MLV
1933 The Empress and I Juliette German MLV
Moi et l'impératrice Juliette French MLV
The Only Girl Juliette English MLV
My Weakness Looloo Blake English
My Lips Betray Lili Wieler English
I Am Suzanne Suzanne English
1935 Let's Live Tonight Kay 'Carlotta' Routledge English
Invitation to the Waltz Jenny Peachey English
Schwarze Rosen Tania Fedorovna German MLV
1936 Roses noires Tatiana French MLV
Black Roses Tania Fedorovna English MLV
Lucky Kids Ann Garden German MLV
Les gais lurons Ann Garden French MLV
1937 Seven Slaps Daisy Terbanks German
Fanny Elssler Fanny Elssler German
1938 Capriccio Madelone d’Estroux German
1939 Castles in the Air Annie Wagner Italian MLV
Ins blaue Leben Annie Wagner German MLV
Woman at the Wheel Maria Kelemen German
1940 Serenade Margaret Brenton French
Miquette Miquette Grandier French



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