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International Biennale of Architecture in Kraków

The International Biennale of Architecture in Kraków (Polish: Międzynarodowe Biennale Architektury w Krakowie - MBA) is a regular event organised in Kraków since 1985. Each edition consists of architectural competitions and a diversity of accompanying events like exhibitions, presentations and lectures.

The 1st edition of Biennale of Architecture in Kraków was organised in 1985 by a group of Polish architects gathered in The Association of Polish Architects (Polish: Stowarzyszenie Architektów Polskich - SARP) on the initiative of Romuald Loegler. Biennale increased its importance along with the democratic transition in Poland in 1989. In the 90's Biennale became a unique forum for exchanging ideas and individual experience among the architects from all over the world. In 1994, the Biennale celebrated the astronomer, Copernicus.

During the editions of The International Biennale of Architecture in Kraków, the projects were evaluated by Wojciech Leśnikowski, Pekka Salminen, Julia Bolles and Peter Wilson, Francesco Purini, Eckhard Feddersen, Günter Schlusche, Hildebrand Machleidt, Armando dal Fabbro, Peter Cook, Roger Hopkinson and many others. The exhibitions and seminars used to be visited by guests of honour as Frei Otto, Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Zvi Hecker, David Mackay, Dietmar Eberle.

Economic and organizational constraints eventually made it impossible to go on with the originally established Biennale formula, so it was effectively replaced by a Triennale (Polish: Międzynarodowe Triennale Architektury – MTA). Biennale as a name had been re-established in 2014.



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