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Ingress (video game)

Ingress Logo vector.svg
Developer(s) Niantic
Publisher(s) Niantic
Platform(s) Android, iOS
Release Android
December 14, 2013
July 14, 2014
Genre(s) Augmented reality, location-based game, alternative reality game
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Ingress is a location-based, augmented-reality mobile game developed by Niantic, a company spun off from Google. The game was first released for Android devices on November 15, 2012, and later for iOS on July 14, 2014. The game has a science fiction back story with a continuous open narrative.Ingress is also considered to be a location-based exergame.

Unlike many other MMOGs, the competition in Ingress is primarily between the two opposing factions rather than between individual players, and players never interact directly in the game or suffer any kind of damage other than temporarily running out of "XM", the power that fuels all actions except movement and communication. The gameplay consists of capturing "portals" at places of cultural significance, such as public art, landmarks, monuments, etc., and linking them to create virtual triangular "control fields" over geographical areas.

Progress in the game is measured on an individual level primarily by accumulating "Action Points" (or AP), and AP are awarded for a variety of in-game actions: destroying or damaging an enemy portal, capturing, linking, or recharging a portal, creating a control field, and other actions. Players of opposing factions can "battle" indirectly in approximate real time for control of portals, with one faction attacking a portal to destroy its resources and defences and the other faction restoring them as they are damaged, but there is no personal penalty for "losing" a portal, the destruction of a field the player created, or any other reason. The only scored competition is between the factions.

The game makers' framing device for the game is as follows: Alongside the discovery of the Higgs Boson by the physicists at CERN in 2012, it has also been discovered that the Earth has been seeded with "Exotic Matter," or XM. This substance has been associated with the Shapers, a mysterious phenomenon or alien race.

From To   Name Primary sites (number & list) Notes
July 13, 2013 Voynich 8: Hamburg, Germany; Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark; Helsinki, Finland; , Sweden; Moscow, Russia; St. Petersburg, Russia No badges awarded
August 3, 2013 Minotaur 8: Minneapolis, MN; Salt Lake City, UT; St. Louis, MO; Kansas City, MO; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Denver, CO; Atlanta, GA; Toronto, Ontario, Canada No badges awarded
August 11, 2013 August 24, 2013 Cassandra 13: Sydney, Australia; Milan, Italy; Tokyo, Japan; Düsseldorf, Germany; Boston, Massachusetts; Washington, DC; Manila, Philippines; Paris, France; São Paulo, Brazil; Hong Kong, PRC; Cologne, Germany; Chicago, IL; New York, NY No badges awarded
October 12, 2013 December 14, 2013 13MAGNUS No badges awarded
February 15, 2014 March 29, 2014 Recursion 8: Miami, FL; Bangalore, India; Louisville, KY; Austin, TX; Zagreb, Croatia; Boulder, CO; Berlin, Germany; Los Angeles, CA
April 12, 2014 June 21, 2014 Interitus 11: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Flagstaff, AZ; London, U.K.; Santa Fe, NM; Beijing, China; Melbourne, Australia; Kansas City, MO; Santiago, Chile; Birmingham, AL; Kraków, Poland; Gettysburg, PA
July 12, 2014 September 27, 2014 Helios 11: Montreal, Canada; San Diego, CA; Dublin, Ireland; Chicago, IL; Taipei, Taiwan; Detroit, MI; Prague, Czech Republic; Minneapolis, MN; Bogotá, Colombia; Tacoma, WA; Munich, Germany Also London Special Edition
October 18, 2014 December 13, 2014 Darsana 6: Salt Lake City, UT; Brussels, Belgium; New Orleans, LA ; Tokyo, Japan ; Charleston, SC; Barcelona, Spain Also Darsana Global
February 21, 2015 March 28, 2015 Shōnin 5: Austin, TX; Florence, Italy; Pasadena, CA; Hanover, Germany; Kyoto, Japan
May 30, 2015 June 20, 2015 Persepolis 5: Bratislava, Slovakia; Washington, DC; Utrecht, The Netherlands; Tohoku, Japan; Portland, OR
October 10, 2015 December 12, 2015 Abaddon 6: Hamburg, Germany; New Orleans, LA; New Taipei City, Taiwan; Oakland, CA; Okinawa, Japan; Milan, Italy Flash Shards Special Events: October 10, 2015, October 24, 2015: Boston, MA; Houston, TX; London, U.K.; Zurich, Switzerland
February 27, 2016 April 2, 2016 Obsidian 4: Seattle, WA; Hong Kong; Vienna, Austria; Orlando, FL The main event was meant to be in Rio de Janeiro, but it was changed to be a flash shard event due to the Zika virus epidemic, and Seattle was used instead.
May 28, 2016 July 16, 2016 Aegis Nova 7: Brooklyn, NY; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Tainan, Taiwan; San Diego, CA; Moscow, Russia; Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan, Dublin, Ireland. Savannah, GA
August 27, 2016 September 24, 2016 Via Lux 5: Denver, CO; Wroclaw, Poland; Toronto, Canada; Cologne, Germany; Singapore
November 11, 2016 Via Noir 3: New Orleans, LA; Rome, Italy; Seoul, South Korea Current Anomaly Series

  • Ingress won a "special mention" at the 2013 Android Players' Choice Awards.
  • In 2014, Ingress won the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival Grand Prize for Entertainment Division
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  • Davis, Michael (5 October 2016). "Ingress in Geography: Portals to Academic Success?". Journal of Geography: 1–9. doi:10.1080/00221341.2016.1227356. 


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