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Identilock is a firearm safety device, created by Michigan engineer Omer Kiyani. Identilock is a gun attachment that completely covers and prevents access to the trigger, which makes it different from other trigger locks on the market. Identilock is attached to the handle of the gun, and is clamped down. It is locked and unlocked with a fingerprint, a biometric scanner which collects and stores up to three fingerprints per device.

Omer Kiyani is the inventor of Identilock. He is a mechanical engineer who lives in the state of Michigan, USA. He spent the majority of his career working at Bosch. Omer Kiyani was shot by a gun when he was 16 years old. An unknown gunman fired at Kiyani and his friends one night and the bullet pierced through his left cheek. Omer Kiyani is an avid gun owner, and believes in common sense gun ownership. The stated motivation behind Identilock is having a safer and more secure way to keep a gun around family. Teen suicides and accidental shootings have become a larger problem in recent years. Omer Kiyani decided to focus on developing his own solution to address this problem. Kiyani claims to have created Identilock to curb gun violence in America. On his website Omer Kiyani is quoted as wanting to bring Michigan’s heritage of innovation, ingenuity, and tradition to develop the world's most advanced firearm safety device. Kiyani, like many up and coming entrepreneurs in Detroit, has been receiving help from TechTown, a non-profit organization that provides a basic foundation for new and growing companies.

Identilock is an engineered trigger lock that is designed to reveal the trigger in less than half a second. It completely covers and prevents access to the trigger until activated by an authorized fingerprint, allowing access to the firearm. It is made of a high end impact resistant polymer, which weighs less than 12 oz. It is about the size of a wallet. Identilock can be categorized as a bio-metric technology or as a gun safety technology, but is not properly included as a smart gun technology because it does not change the operation of a gun. According to inventor Omer Kiyani, Identilock was designed to thwart teenage suicides and prevent accidental shootings in the gun owner’s home.

According to the website, Identilock uses fingerprint recognition technology that can store up to three different fingerprints. It can read a stored fingerprint in 360 degrees of rotation. Identilock reveals the trigger when an authorized fingerprint is scanned.

The device is charged with any USB-C compatible charging outlet with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery lasts up to 6 months in standby mode and can be unlocked with an override key if necessary. The override key comes bundled with each Identilock and opens the paired Identilock device. The override key would be used if there is an error with the fingerprint scanner or the battery is completely drained and will not open.

  • Best use of Technology at CES - Verge *Finalist in Accelerate Michigan
  • Finalist at TechCrunch battlefiled
  • Smart Tech Foundation winner
  • Macomb innovation fund winner
  • Techtown labs award
  • Top 10 Tech companies to watch 2016


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