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Founded Zurich, Switzerland
Area served Worldwide
Founder(s) Isabelle Ohnemus
Key people

Isabelle Ohnemus, CEO

Henrik Steffensen, COO
Slogan(s) You Shop. We Size
Launched December 2012

Isabelle Ohnemus, CEO

EyeFitU is a Zurich based company using app based technology that lets users create a profile of their clothing measurements and matches this against sizing charts from thousands of brands, filtering online shopping results down to the items most likely to fit.

Isabelle Ohnemus founded EyeFitU in December 2012. Before founding the company she had a background in investment banking working for more than ten years as a broker in stocks and derivatives. But fashion was always a part of her life and she eventually decided to turn this passion into something more concrete. She started organising private sales at her home, for her friends who wanted to access the world of fashion in an easy way. The sales included designers from Italy, Denmark and France, who had no actual stores with her own platform becoming their exclusive store and in this environment she realised the inconsistency of sizing and the potential of developing a platform based on solving this.

To get quick access to highly talented software developers and to remain flexible, EyeFitU started by working with Ergon Informatik AG in Zürich, Switzerland, a software company and system integrator for large corporations and successful start-ups. Together with Ergon, effort went into development and prototyping of QR-/Bar-code scanning capabilities, a feature that is used by brands and retailers as they start attaching garment data to these and to fashion print. EyeFitU later started to work with Ciklum, a Danish software company with a development center in Minsk, Belarus.

Many Apparel brands do not use standardised sizing and often sizing across brands and countries is inconsistent also with increasingly using Vanity Sizing or size inflation and as a result shoppers often are left without knowing their exact measurements. The EyeFitU app uses smart learning technology to target this problem by continuously learning from billions of data points, and then matching clothes not only to measurements but also to typical body shapes and style preferences globally. Via the app and the desktop platforms the users can browse through their chosen online stores not wasting time worrying about what will fit them.

The user enters gender, height and weight to get size recommendations for all brands. For more precise recommendations, the user can enter body measurements. If a user happens to know her or his correct size for a certain garment type or brand, these can be entered alongside the EyeFitU recommendations. By incorporating this user generated content, the algorithm is continuously improved. They can create multiple fashion profiles and share their own to a particular shop for family and friends and thus allow gift purchases in the right size. In order to give sizing recommendations the app matches user body sizes, measures and preferences with the sizing of the clothing combining information provided by users, brands/retailers, statistical data and crowdsourcing to provide the most accurate sizing recommendations. The user also provides gender, age, height and weight and the system statistically correlates this information with a large database of human body measurements and automatically fills it into the user profile. Users of the app can also specify their preferred size for brands and garments. Based on big data/crowdsourcing, groups of users with similar profiles and sizing preferences act as sizing recommendations for other users with similar profiles. This is a type of fact crowdsourcing of virtual size charts.



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