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Energy and environmental engineering

Energy and environmental Engineering is a branch of engineering which seeks to efficiently use energy and to maintain the environment. Energy engineers require knowledge across many disciplines. Careers include: built environment, renewable and traditional energy industries

In this area, Solar radiation is important and must be understood. Solar radiation affects the earths weather and daylight available. This affects not only the earths environment but also the smaller internal environments which we create.

Energy Engineering requires at least an understanding of mechanics, thermodynamics, mathematics, materials, stoichiometry, electrical machines, manufacturing processes and Energy systems.

Environmental engineering can be branched into two main areas internal environments and outdoor environments.

Internal environments may consist of housing or offices or other commercial properties. In this area, the environmental engineering sometimes stands for the designing of building services to condition the internal environment to a comfortable state or the removal of excess pollutants such as Carbon dioxide or other harmful substances.

External environments may be water courses, air, land or seas and may require new strategies for harnessing energy or the creation of treatment facilities for polluting technologies.

This broad degree area covers many areas but is mainly mechanically and electrically biased. It seeks to explore cleaner, more efficient ways of using fossil fuels, while investigating and developing systems using renewable and sustainable resources, such as solar, wind and wave energy.



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