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Enchanted April (1935 film)

Enchanted April (1935 film)
Directed by Harry Beaumont
Produced by Kenneth Macgowan
Written by Samuel Hoffenstein and Ray Harris from the 1922 novel by Elizabeth von Arnim, and dramatization by Kane Campbell
Starring Ann Harding
Frank Morgan
Katharine Alexander
Reginald Owen
Jane Baxter
Ralph Forbes
Jessie Ralph
Charles Judels
Rafaela Ottiano
Music by Roy Webb
Cinematography Edward Cronjager A.S.C.
Edited by George Hively
Release date
  • February 1, 1935 (1935-02-01)
Running time
66 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $346,000
Box office $165,000

Enchanted April is a 1935 American comedy drama film directed by Harry Beaumont and starring Ann Harding, Frank Morgan and Katharine Alexander. It was made by RKO Pictures. The original 1922 novel The Enchanted April has also been adapted for the stage multiple times, and adapted for the 1992 film by screenwriter Peter Barnes.

At Hampstead Court Housewives Club, two women sit in the living room with a fireplace. Outside it's raining. One of the women reads a book (a Biography of Madame Du Barry); the other woman is nervously looking in the room and finally decides to look up the newspaper. When she sees a certain announcement she has to talk, saying to the other woman how beautiful it would be to leave dreadful London and go south to Italy, renting a Castle for two or more people and splitting the costs. So they find the way to San Salvatore and the Enchanted April is there from the very minute they arrived. Their husbands and lovers are soon popping up and passing by, and the Italians who know, understand the English people. A mixture of slapstick comedy and on the other side the rarefied figure of Ann Harding



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